Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Scripture for Labor & Delivery {FREE!}

Scripture for Labor and DeliveryScripture Cards for Labor & DeliveryTo help during labor and delivery I made a small notebook of scripture verses that would help encourage me and focus my contractions and breathing on meeting our little boy.  I labored for 24 hours and these verses really helped me to shift my focus from pain to the purpose of the pain, and envisioning our sweet Little Peep. I made this notebook and packed it in my hospital bag, though I ended up using it at home more because I did the majority of my laboring at home.  When I was preparing for labor and delivery, it was really hard for me to find something like this (especially a list of verses that was free).  Today I’m sharing my list with you!  Click here for a FREE copy of the scripture verses I used to help me focus during labor and delivery. Congratulations to you future mamas-to-be, and praying for a safe and speedy labor and delivery for you!
xoxo Darby


Jessica K said...

You, my friend, are such an amazing woman! So happy to have you in my life! What a great resource for mommas to be!

Brooke @ Pieces of the Reese Life said...

Thank you! I had a few jotted in my phone and will be adding!

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