Monday, December 16, 2013

Little Peep Bumpdate {Weels 14, 15, & 16}

Y’all I am almost caught up on these updates!  It seems like this pregnancy is going pretty fast, but I guess it IS when I present you three week per week. lol  Hopefully it will slow down (writing-wise) since I will be moving to one post a week soon.

Date: 11/27/13
How far along: 14 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Our baby is the size of a lemon....which last week was a peach and the Mr. & I discussed how we both think peaches are bigger than lemons.  I have no idea where these people buy their fruit!
Developmental milestones: Little Peep's toes are wigglin', and he/she is growing lanugo (peach fuzz-like hair for warmth).
Maternity clothes: Yep, love!  I have no idea why people fight this!  They are more stylish than they used to be and they make my life so much more comfortable!  My bump is starting to grow and I have to say I have never been this thrilled to watch my belly grow.  This is something I knew from the beginning (many years ago) that I would love.  I was completely right: I adore watching this bump grow, and I continually find my hands cradling my tummy.
Weight gain: Well I went to the Dr. this morning and so far I haven't gained anything.  I'm certain this will change very quickly because I was totally shocked when she said that.  Not only was I stuffing my face in the waiting room (ignoring the "no food or beverages" signs...I mean hello what kind of doctor’s office do they think this is?!), but I have been eating like crazy.  I'm always hungry.
Stretch Marks: Not yet......
Sleep: Has gotten a lot better since last week.  I'm not staring at the computer all day all week so that has helped my back tremendously.
Best moment of the week: Going to the doctor this week and hearing the baby flip all around.  I took a video of it on my cell phone so we have been listening to the baby's heartbeat and him/her wiggle all around.  Over Thanksgiving it was really sweet to talk & think about what next Thanksgiving might be like, but we also took time to thank the Lord for this last Thanksgiving as just the two of us.  I also bought my first box of diapers during a Black Friday sale.  Folks, it was very surreal for me.  I just keep looking at the box and smiling; I'm certain that this is something that will also change hahahaha.
Movement: I am really looking forward to this.  The Mr. and I were talking about it over the weekend how we just can't wait to feel him/her kick.
Cravings: I don't think anything really right now, but my appetite in general is back.  I'm insatiable.  I eat and then my tummy grumbles, so I eat again.  The other day I was warming up my lunch at work and I had so much to warm up that I used all of the microwaves in the workroom at the same time to heat it up.  Thank goodness there wasn't a line to use the microwaves lol
Gender: It's a girl or a boy  (obviously).
Belly button in or out: Innie
Wedding ring: It's on
Anything making you queasy/sick: I think I'm doing better here.  Nothing is coming to mind that completely repulses me (besides mouthwash….but only at night).
What I miss: Nada!
What I’m looking forward to: Finding out if we have a him or a her
Labor signs: Nope, and I'm totally okay with that
Symptoms:  I still get really tired really quickly.  I have realized that I cannot push myself as hard as I used to.  Heart burn is still a thing, but not nearly as bad.
Nursery:  I have finally started this consider thinking about this...but I think I need to know gender before I get too much further.  I have a furniture layout and vibe already selected though.
Emotions: Elation, pure uninhibited elation

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~15 week collage
Date: 12/4/13
How far along: 15 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Little Peep is the size of a naval orange this week :-)
Developmental milestones:  All of the joints on the baby’s limbs are fully functioning.
Maternity clothes: These clothes are now my Thanksgiving clothes lol Being preggers for Thanksgiving was the best. lol Normally on Thanksgiving I get sad when my tummy starts filling up; this year I never reach the full point lol  I've found lots of great maternity deals on Zulily so I'm not breaking the bank. Over the weekend we went to 3 formal Christmas events so I wore the same dress and it was so fun to let Little Peep's bump stick out!
Weight gain: I weighed myself this morning and I've gained 1/2 an ounce.  I would be lying if I told you this didn't bother me a little.  I know that I didn't start off in super awesome shape so there is plenty of room in there for Little Peep, but it does still have me a little anxious.
Stretch Marks: Not yet......
Sleep: I sleep like a baby, when I'm not hacking up a lung
Best moment of the week:  1- I know women generally hate this, but I love it when people touch my little bump; it tickles me to pieces even when strangers touch my bump.  I have had 3 separate people touch my bump and I can’t help but grin ear to ear.  I think it just makes this pregnancy feel so real and it is something we have prayed for for so long that I can’t help but share the joy of this baby with every single person.  The first person to actually touch my bump was a student and my heart just swelled.  Two separate women at work this week even told me “Darby, you finally look pregnant” This made me so very excited! 2- Since this is the first Christmas in our new house, it has been really fun to decorate for the first time.  3-A couple weeks ago I ordered some Steelers clothes/items for the baby, and they finally arrived this week.  This baby doesn’t have much yet, but he/she is fully stocked on Steelers gear.  4- I also got my physicians approval for our cruise.  You can only be but so pregnant on the cruise and I fit the time slot perfectly, which is more of God’s awesome timing considering the cruise was booked way before we knew we were expecting.  Wahooo go God!
Movement: I am getting really really excited about experiencing this.  I am paying attention to every little thing just hoping I get to feel the baby early.
Cravings: I am insatiable.  I want to eat pretty much everything....then I taste it and no longer want it. lol  Since I’m pretty much hungry all of the time I have been keeping food in my purse.  I think I generally want pizza all the time, but this again, is something that is just always true of me.  I’m just a pizza gal.  When people ask that corny question, “If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?” I always say pizza….but now I also dream about pizza.  One night this week I had a dream of just me staring at a plate of Costco pizza.  That was the entire dream…..just starring at pizza lol
Gender: It's a girl or a boy  (obviously).
Belly button in or out: Innie
Wedding ring: It's on
Anything making you queasy/sick: I think I'm doing better here.  Nothing is coming to mind that completely repulses me (besides mouthwash at night).
What I miss: Nada!
What I’m looking forward to: Finding out if we have a him or a her
Labor signs: Nope, and I'm totally okay with that
Symptoms: Fatigue is something that is still going pretty strong; my entire mind and body are tired.  I have also started having some shortness of breath, not when I’m speaking or anything, but mainly when I’m going up a lot of steps or trying to get a lot of things done really quickly.  After work I’m trying really hard to keep my feet propped up while I work in the evenings at home.  Heartburn is still pretty strong in the evenings too.  Being a neuroscientist I know all about the neuroanatomical changes that happen in the pregnant brain and these changes are so evident: I say some of the dumbest things sometimes and I am even more forgetful (I shock myself sometimes with what comes out of my mouth).  This week I also experienced my first cold being pregnant.  Woah this was a tough one for me; I was completely knocked off my feet for a couple days.  I’m generally a trooper & never call out of work but I definitely had to one day and take a half day for another.  I wasn’t going to get the flu shot, but after this bought I’m going to get that sucker.
Nursery:  This is starting to move up on my mental priority list.  I've started thinking about what things need to move out of the office for it to be converted into a nursery.  I imagine when I know gender this will be all I will be thinking about lol
Emotions: A little more anxiety.  I think just because I just don't know what's going on in there.  But I'm putting my trust in Him and looking for His peace as He grows this baby.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~16 week collage
Date: 12/11/13
How far along: 16 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Little Peep is the size of an avocado, and I love avocados :-)
Developmental milestones: The series of three bones in the middle ear (call the ossicles…I teach this actually lol) are beginning to form, which means Little Peep can start to hear me talk to him/her. Eyebrows, lashes, and hair are starting to fill in (and if that old wives tale about hair & heartburn are right, then I totally get the timing on this new hair lol).
Maternity clothes:  Nothing really new here.  I am still wearing my belly bands on my work pants, but my jeans and leggings are maternity just for comfort. 
Weight gain: 0.5 oz
Stretch Marks: Not yet......
Sleep: Since getting over my cold, sleep has been much better.  I’m sleeping pretty great for now.
Best moment of the week: Totally not Little Peep related, but turning in my grades and having everything completed for 2013 is such an awesome feeling.  I am excited to do some things around the house for a while before classes begin in January.  Also we went to a graduation party this weekend and it was so fun to celebrate the accomplishments of our dear friends (Congrats Kyle & Kristi…we are so beyond proud of you!).  And selfishly, it warmed my heart with each one of our friends touching my growing belly.  I’m like butter in the hands; I just melt!
Movement: I am really anxious for this to start.  I am really looking forward to feeling Little Peep wiggle around in my tummy.
Cravings:  I want food in general, but not in the evenings.  I think I still want pizza the most, but I’m not sure if this is a craving or not.  I want a lot of fruit though; I go through the fruit and veggies pretty quickly these days.
Gender: It's a girl or a boy  (obviously).
Belly button in or out: Innie
Wedding ring: It's on
Anything making you queasy/sick: Rotisserie chicken.  I made a bunch of dishes for the film crew in my house this week and just the thought of chicken gives me instant heartburn and nausea.  No more chicken for me for a while.
What I miss: Nada!
What I’m looking forward to: Finding out if we have a him or a her
Labor signs: Nope, and I'm totally okay with that
Symptoms: I think fatigue and heartburn are still my biggies.  I took some Tums for the first time in my life.  I have always refused to take them and just “deal with it.” Not because I’m super “crunchy” and don’t want meds or something like that, but moreso because I was scared of the flavor.  I got the smoothie Tums because of a recommendation from a soon-to-be mamma in my office and they really weren’t that bad.  Now I pop them like candy lol  Things sure do change fast when you’re preggers!
Nursery:  This is something else that has changed.  I always imagined what our nursery would be like for Little Peep…..and my taste has completely changed in recent weeks.  My new ideas are completely different than what I thought I would want, and I’m totally thrilled about it.
Emotions:  I still find myself fighting some anxiety as each appointment gets closer; I’m always anticipating or trying to prepare myself for bad news.  I’m really fighting those emotions and trying to rely on His goodness.  However, the majority of the time I’m just excited and completely obsessed with this baby.
xoxo Darby


Jessica said...

If you havent felt movement yet, it will be so soon! I felt Lydia moving for the first time in my 19th week, and that was kind of late I think. It was the best! I was laying in bed and I felt her all of the sudden and I told Phil, "I think I felt the baby!!!" and then I cried haha. From then on you will feel movement and it will constantly reassure you that there is a healthy baby in there! Just don't freak out if you don't feel as much some days. I did, but then the next day it would be back to normal movement. I can't wait to hear what it is and what you have to say when you feel movement for the first time!

Rachelle @ Inner Loop Adventures said...

I'm so glad you said it feels like your pregnancy is going by fast, because I was thinking the same thing :) It makes me sad that you get nervous before appointments because you're afraid to hear bad news. Although I understand why you can get that way. This is a happy time though, and I hope those feelings subside for you!!

Unknown said...

I LOVE maternity clothes too. I agree, why fight it? They're cute and so comfy. Both pregnancies I was sooooo excited to break out the stretcy band. And watching the belly grow? Best, most magical thing EVER.

SO happy for you and so excited to read along ;)

Joy said...

It's going by quickly! If you think about it.... they say you are full term at 37 weeks... so technically you are half way there! WHOOP WHOOP!! And, yes, when that little one starts moving, you will be over the moon excited. At first it was small flutters but in the 10 weeks that I've felt her moving.... now she is all over the place and loves to tap dance on my bladder. Ha!

Meg O. said...

UM.... how in the world are you already 16 weeks? Seriously! You are looking precious. I think I first felt K move at around 18 weeks - so any day now you'll probably feel something!

Neely said...

You look AMAZING!

PrettyLuckyMama said...

Love your belly photos sooo much fun :) Pregnancy does go by fast but towards the end your like "hurry up baby I want to meet you already" then once you have your little baby and your laying in your hospital bed your like "wow that went quick wahhh :( " lol its all an amazing experience :) and I totally agree with you with the baby room!!! I was the same way I had something in mind when we first found out we were pregnant and then during my pregnancy I kept changing my mind lol :) Have fun girl enjoy every second of this journey :)

Jocelyn @ Pretty Lucky Mama

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Looking great!

Try propping yourself up a bit to sleep, it may help with the heartburn. Milk too. And chewing gum believe it or not.

ari @ whatarisaid said...

Love reading your bump updates, as always - super excited for you, friend! :)

Jessica K said...

Yeah for the cruise! Like a Babymoon! I love it! The pictures are adorable! Hopefully that you now have a little break, maybe the fatigue won't be bad. Mine got increasingly worse in the 3rd trimester, so hopefully you get a break! :) Love seeing Little Peep!

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