Monday, January 3, 2011

A Christmas Carol

Before vacation I tried to get as many posts uploaded as I could because I knew as soon as we got back I would have a ba-zillion pictures & stories to tell you. I was right, so I’m playing “catch-up” again. The last week we were in Houston, we hosted our last event of 2010: our neighborhood Christmas block party. There were lots of goodies (e.g. caramel popcorn, cupcakes, brownies, etc) in the clubhouse and hot cocoa and apple cider. We rented a drive-in projector to watch “A Christmas Carol” (the Jim Carrey version; thank goodness we didn't have any super young children because this version was a lot darker than I remembered). It was so fun with all of our neighbors. Of course all of the pictures I got are of the sweets.....clearly this is where my mind is during the holidays.....but can you blame me?!
One of the food tables: cheese and fruit, chocolate petit fours, cookies, mini cheese cakes, honey roasted get the idea
I thought the cupcakes with Christmas tree lights were the cutest
Caramel popcorn and white chocolate covered pretzels during the movie
Ha! I did take one picture that wasn't just a sweet treat! This was the apple cider.
xoxo Darby

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