Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Friends, Old Friends, and Guacamole

This past Saturday was the first potluck dinner for the Barefoot Contessa Cookbook Club. Each woman brought a dish from the book; I brought an appetizer, guacamole. In our house the avocado master is my husband. He makes guacamole all the time and is an avocado aficionado. I was nervous to try Ina’s recipe because I had a connoisseur taste-testing for me. But, apparently there wasn’t anything to be nervous about. It was a really simple and fast dish to make, that disappeared even faster. According to Ina, Haas are the best avocados and here is a link on how to pick the perfect avocado: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0NAH/is_3_33/ai_104836639/
This is a picture of the size and color avocados that I used.

Guacamole (page 50)

I have found that after refrigerating left-over guacamole it turns brown and isn’t very pretty. To store your left-overs (should you have any) cover the guacamole with saran wrap, pressing the plastic down so that it is actually touching the guacamole.

The dinner party was really fun! Since the club is made up of women from my Sunday school class and a Sunday School class from a different church, it was awesome to finally meet the other women that I have been blogging with. I had a blast discussing the recipes and the unique twists others suggested. I’m looking forward to the next potluck for sure!

Carrissa set a beautiful table for us
Lemonade (I have made this dish...but mine was not even close to this pretty!)
Dinner: sun-dried tomato dip, my guacamole, cheddar corn chowder, povencal potato salad, sugar snap peas, baked Virginia ham, roasted carrots, and roasted baby pumpkins. (Of these I have only made the guacamole, cheddar corn chowder, sugar snap peas, and roasted baby pumpkins)
Dessert: pecan shortbread, pecan squares, and croissant bread pudding. (I have yet to make any of these)
Ina Garten's Successors
xoxo Darby

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