Friday, May 12, 2017

Something is Different!

Notice anything a little different around here ;-) Check out the new LWTH look!  What do you think?!  Just for a refresher, this is what this blog space of mine looked like just a few days ago Blog Design 2014-2017
Looks a little different doesn't it?!?  LWTH has had many looks since 2009 when I started blogging, but the above was the look LWTH had from 2014-2017.  In those 3 years I had two babies and just like all of us, LWTH needed to continue evolving with me.  I think this new look speaks to my personality right now perfectly.  Aside from the cosmetic upgrades, you'll notice that the navigation bar at the top is different. Some previous tabs have been removed and some are new.  There has been a lot of reorganization to help you locate previous posts by topics (e.g. motherhood, family building, school activities, recipes, etc.)Navigation Bar
While things look different or are located in new places to reflect my style at this time, some things are still the SAME!  It is still me sitting behind this computer in my jammies chugging coffee writing these posts.  I will continue to document our life and what we're doing.  This will remain an income-free faith-based blog, with a genuine and authentic voice.

Now this new look, I CAN NOT take credit for.  No way!  

Angelina at Sky and Stars was ah-maz-ing!!!  No, I change my mind...... she's epic!  She took all of the thoughts and ideas I had rolling around in my brain & made it into a masterpiece.  She's brilliant!  Every time I would email her, there were 5-8 things I couldn't figure out or I wanted in a different way (even though I couldn't even express what I wanted), and she would quickly create an idea or change something I didn't even know I wanted.  She was fast, creative, reliable, friendly, and NEVER complained about my ba-zillion questions.  Please go to Angelina's shop & check out all of her templates.  Angelina is quite accomplished with many designs to choose from OR you could choose to work with her for a custom design, like I did.  Trust me it is worth it!  I was SOOOO nervous and I felt like Angelina held my hand the entire process and made this transition seamless and pain-free! Go check out her work!  Thank you Angelina!!! I love the new face of LWTH!
Obligatory Blogger Disclaimer~ I, in no way, was compensated for this review.  In fact, I paid for the services and I absolutely LOVE the brilliant SkyandStars.  I just really like this shop and think everyone should know about it too!
xoxo Darby
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