Friday, December 18, 2015

Teeny Peep Bumpdate- Week 34

And just for kicks, I had to show you this picture in color, because I wore a RED dress to a Christmas party this week.  It was an awesome dress!  Thank you Grace Hill for letting me borrow this magical dress; I was so comfortable and even felt pretty!
Date: 12/12/15
How far along: 34 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Butternut squash 
Developmental milestones: Teeny Peep is listening very carefully to life outside of the womb these days.  Her lungs are also maturing and getting ready for their big debut in the "real world" 
Maternity clothes: Ummmm yes hahaha 
Weight gain: I'm +17 since pre-preggo weight
Stretch Marks: I've got plenty of kisses from heaven from carrying Dutch.  I applied lotions and such daily with that pregnancy, but to be honest I don't think I'm even going to try to prevent future stretch  marks.  I absolutely love these badges of honor and I'm so proud to wear them.
Sleep: I love this stuff and I can't get enough; I'm a sleep addict.  I sleep like a rock!  I don't think I even completely wake up for potty breaks. 
Best moment of the week: This past week the Mr and I have gotten away to two Christmas parties and our church's Christmas pageant.  Since we don't get to go on dates anymore, these have felt like dates and we have LOVED it.  I love getting all dolled up with him to go out to celebrate the holidays. 
Movement: Baby girl is quite the mover and shaker; she likes my entire stomach to move with her.  While she moves a lot she is still very gentle.   I have so much fun watching her move around.  I am already beginning to miss his kicks. 
Cravings: Nothing 
Gender: Baby girl!! 
Belly button: I love my new outtie :-)  
Wedding Ring: On 
Anything making you queasy/sick: Being hungry or being even the slightest bit full .....there is a very fine line and if I cross it in either direction I will be very nauseous.  I've always had a very strong sense of smell, and it is still pretty heightened with this pregnancy.  Smells are still making me a little nauseous, especially lingering cooking smells. 
What I miss: Moving and chasing Dutch without being completely out of breath or breathing so hard. 
What I’m looking forward to: I'm looking forward to meeting this baby girl.....but I'm not wishing that day here any sooner.  I NEED to start getting ready for this girl! 
Labor signs: Teeny Peep is much lower, and I've received many comments about how she has dropped. I do feel her pretty low and I'm still having Braxton Hicks contractions. 
Symptoms: I'm getting very VERY large.  My depth perception is way off and I keep running my jumbo belly into things (I'm SO sorry baby girl!).  My heartburn has been chill this week and I would imagine that is due to Teeny Peep dropping some.  I am large though and I've perfected the preggo waddle.  No doubt, I've got some aches and pains, but nothing is really too uncomfortable or preventing me from doing daily life, so I'm grateful. 
Nursery: There isn't going to be a new nursery.  We plan on having Dutch and Teeny Peep share a room.  It's not that we don't have the space; we do have another bedroom, but we would like our kiddos to share a room when they are younger.  We're thinking this will be a great opportunity to continue building character with our children.  And to be honest, Dutch didn't move into his nursery until he was eight months old, and even then only for a few hours a day until he was 11 months old, so the new baby will probably stay in our room about the same amount of time and then we will do a transition of some sort.  Of course we don't know what it is like to have two children and exactly what it will be like, but this is how we think we are going to try to start. 
Emotions: Woah anxiety & lists.  Yes I have a million lists and I just don't know where to start.  The end of a pregnancy near the holidays is tough.  I want to do a million things with Dutch to ensure that our last Christmas as just 3 is memorable, but I also have sooooo much to do to get ready for Teeny Peep.  I need just one more week!

xoxo Darby

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