Thursday, August 26, 2010


I haven’t tried too many new recipes lately (just been sticking to the tried-and-true), but here are some from the past week:
Taco Pizza- I got this recipe from my Food Network magazine. I will definitely be making this pizza again, because it was so easy to make & was really yummy!
Low-fat chocolate pudding- I saw this recipe in my FN magazine and thought “no way that can be tasty.” It was actually good, but I think I must to have done something wrong because it never took to a pudding consistency.
Pork BBQ and potato salad- I have yet to find a place in TX that makes good southern Carolina pork BBQ. There are many places that make great TX BBQ, but pork is my favorite type of BBQ. I have never made it because I thought I needed a smoker. I was wrong; all I needed was 16 hours. I spent one day last week making this 10 lb BBQ masterpiece. To me the only RIGHT way to eat Carolina BBQ is to top it with some homemade potato salad. So for the first time ever I made my own BBQ, BBQ sauce, & potato salad. Yum-o! Greek whole-wheat pitas- I made this last night really fast. The recipe just called for a Greek salad, but I added some grilled chicken. If I didn’t serve my husband some form of meat for dinner, he would think I had lost my mind!
xoxo Darby

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