Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is my 3-year anniversary of living in Houston, Texas! It’s been a fabulous 3 years and I think that we are becoming real Houstonians! How I know:
-I know that I NEED to use hairspray every day.
-The gun sound identifier on my morning radio show no longer seems odd.
-I find a reason to use Tobasco on everything; before moving to TX you wouldn’t catch me touching a bottle of Tobasco, or anything spicy for that matter, with a 10 foot pole. Oh, I also snack on olives stuffed with Jalapenos! Mmmm delicious!
-It takes me 30 min. to drive 3 miles and I’m okay with that. Phil & I daily check Houston Transtar for traffic and take its advice very seriously. In general, I understand the traffic here much better, but I am still unsure why Houstonians aren’t able to zipper when merging.
-I no longer associate bridges with bodies of water.
-Traffic lights on their side are normal.
-I know that speeding is perfectly acceptable, except on Saturday morning.
-I think sweating before 8am is normal and 75 degrees is a little chilly. I’m also aware that seat belts make pretty good branding irons. OUCH!
-I know that when it rains, it will flood EVERYWHERE!
-Getting stuck behind a trail ride on the freeway in early March is perfectly normal.
-I know that all soft drinks are called “coke,” not “pop.”
-Every Saturday at the mall, I can expect to see young teenage girls prancing around in fluorescent colored wedding dresses with an entire entourage (or what looks like a fluorescent color coordinated bridal party) falling behind her as she celebrates her quincinera.
-Blue Bell really is the best ice cream I have every tasted!
-Everything really IS bigger in Texas!
I didn't make the cake at the top of this post, that was just a product of some Google-ing and Photoshop. But I did make my first Texas Sheet Cake. Yum-o!
xoxo Darby

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