Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The skillet is moving up

As you know, when I first started cooking with my cast iron skillet in January there were MANY problems and failed recipes. I got scared of the skillet---how crazy does that sound?! Anyhow, I stuck with it considering everyone’s cast-iron-skillet-wisdom, and honestly I have to say that skillet has definitely moved up the ladder. What I learned- it takes time to season and don’t let it get too hot. Recently I have been selecting dinner menus and recipes based on whether or not I can use my skillet.

Other recipes from last week (some with and some without the use of the skillet): Strawberry Shortcake- This is a PW recipe that Haylee from our Smallgroup made. From the moment we first tasted her cake, I wanted to try it myself. I made this for our Doulos bible study and one of the singles asked me if I would make this for her wedding cake! YES, it really is that delicious, and you must try it! Like Haylee, I used larger strawberry chunks and left it in the oven for 51 minutes giving it a slightly crispy edge with a moist inside. As you can see, mine did not turn out as pretty as the PW’s, so the last picture is borrowed from her website.
Onion Dip- Again this was from my super market line cookbook, and I thought it was a little boring, probably because I’m not a huge fan of onion dips…but I did get to use my skillet, so it was a decent trade-off.
xoxo Darby

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