Monday, April 12, 2010

Hawley Lasagna

It was beyond the normal busy this week, so there weren’t very many new recipes this week. Instead I stuck with my trusty staples that I could whip up quickly to get us through the week. I did manage to sneak in one new recipe for one of our bible studies, Oreo Cheesecake Bars. This recipe was not by the PW, Paula Deen, or even the Barefoot Contessa. You know those small recipe booklets in the grocery store line?…Oh yes, I’m a Marketer's dream customer; those $2 recipe books get me every time! Any how I digress, this was a delicious cheesecake filled with oreos and a crush oreo crust.
Even though we just had lasagna a couple weeks ago, Phil & I made another one but according to our own recipe. This was a chance for us to use our fresh herbs; the ones that are growing out of control! Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy, but this is a picture of me with NASA Man at the Rockettes game on Friday night-- I am somewhat still a child, and these characters still fascinate me. This is as close as we have made it to anything NASA-related. With the recent government changes in NASA on the horizon, I think we better make the short trip down the road to check it out.
xoxo Darby

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