Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bon appétit

Friday morning Phil fluffed my pillows and brought me movies before he went to work since I was stuck at home in bed. I really hate feeling so ill, but on a positive note, I finally, FINALLY, got to see the movie Julie & Julia- the inspiration for the cookbook club I joined last year. Primarily, I found it humorous that Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci , who were co-stars in the Devil Wears Prada, were costars again in completely different roles; wonderful acting talent! In the film there were two stories woven together and from the story of Julia Child I valued the reminder to persevere in the face of life challenges. Child wrote a book on French food yet she didn’t even speak French, and she did so with such a bubbly personality. Alternatively, I identified with Julie- a character who found blogging to be therapeutic and a reflection on reality. From both characters it was nice to be reminded of the value of having a “side thing”- something that is small and challenges you, yet brings you joy; I’m so glad my “side thing” is tasty! My next culinary challenge may be to tackle more of Child’s recipes. By the way, our cookbook blog was Cannon’s featured blog on Monday! I really don't know what that means, but we were.

Anyways, my new recipes from last week: Nilla Caramel Popcorn- This recipe came from the same book as the Oreo Cheesecake that I got in line at the market. The recipe was categorized under “gifts” but I made it for our bible study instead. It was sweet popcorn with caramel and vanilla wafers. Though it called for 12 cups of popcorn, it really didn’t make much. I think once it started heating it shrank or something; to make this is a gift, I will double it next time. Pizza- I used the PW’s recipe for pizza crust again last week. Since the previous pizza I made “didn’t have enough meat,” I decided to try it again to appease the taste-buds in our house. This pizza had sausage, pepperoni, spinach, feta, mozzarella, green peppers, olives, and…well that’s all I can remember. It was received by both of us a lot better than the previous one.
Cheesy Shrimp on Grits Toast- This recipe seemed to go over pretty well last week at Smallgroup. I made a grits toast topped with a shrimp spread. I think next time I will double the recipe so that I have enough. To cut my grits before toasting them, I used a cleaned Hunt's tomato paste can--they really make the best cookie cutters too!
xoxo Darby

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