Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is in the air

You know it’s spring break when…
…I sleep late and don’t even get out of bed until 6am!
…my commute to work is 4 minutes instead of 30!
…I get to park at the front of the parking lot!
…I get to wear shorts to work!

Phil and I kicked off spring break over the weekend with our first sunburn of the season! We were so happy to play outside and have picnics this weekend that we totally forgot about the concept of sunscreen, but we will be more careful with that for the rest of the spring/summer. I have a few goals for the spring. Phil and I love to eat sushi, and do so at least once a week, but I figured that it can’t be that difficult to learn how to make….I mean there is no actual “cooking” involved so it can’t be that challenging, right? The PW has some sushi recipes on her website so I think I am going to start with those and see how I fair. Also this spring/summer I think I want to try my hand at gardening. I haven’t gardened since living in Houston so I think I might get back into that this season. I gotta say that the PW has done it again. These were fantastic meatballs! I think I was expecting a flavor more similar to Italian or BBQ, but her description of these “mini meatloafs” was perfect. I paired it with her macaroni and cheese. Congratulations to the WVU Mountaineers!!! We are so happy about the win!!!
Sorry this post was all over the excuse is spring break. Have a great week and…
xoxo Darby

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