Monday, March 29, 2010

Could've Fooled Me

My best friend Katie got me a subscription to the Food Network’s monthly magazine for Christmas (she knows me so well!) This month there was a fun article on April Fool’s Day dessert recipes that I thought I would pass along to you in case you are looking for a joke to play. Happy April Fools Day!
Looks like: Sushi
Actually: Rice krispy treats, gummies, & coconut

Looks like: Lasagna
Actually: Banana pudding cake with strawberry jam, whipped cream, & mint

Looks like: Crab cakes
Actually: Fried ice cream with a white chocolate “tartar” sauce

Looks like: Bread sticks
Actually: Cinnamon-sugar sticks with strawberry dip instead of “ketchup”

And for my favorite, Looks like: A lox bagel sandwich
Actually: A doughnut with toffee toppings, papaya for the “salmon,” frosting for the “cream cheese,” & a red gummy for the “tomato.”
xoxo Darby

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