Monday, December 12, 2016

Family Pictures

By now our Christmas cards are hitting your mailboxes already so it’s time to share with you our fall family photos.  We all know I’m obsessed with Grace Hill Photography, I mean duh she’s awesome!  Can you blame me?! So I will just go ahead and share her once again brilliant photography!  My biggest problem is going to be picking my favorites for the wall.  Would it be weird to make our pictures into wallpaper?! Yea, I think soJPEG-0001JPEG-0002JPEG-0003JPEG-0007JPEG-0005JPEG-0006JPEG-0008JPEG-0009JPEG-0011JPEG-0014JPEG-0013JPEG-0012JPEG-0017JPEG-0019JPEG-0021JPEG-0023JPEG-0025JPEG-0026JPEG-0027JPEG-0028JPEG-0031JPEG-0032JPEG-0033JPEG-0034
xoxo Darby

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