Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Blessed Nest Designs {Take Two}

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When I last posted on Blessed Nest Designs {Take One}, I was just getting started.  Lately I’ve been working on a lot of gifts and gearing up for fall and the holidays.  I’m having so much fun with #blessednestdesigns  

This is just a little side hobby of mine (not a shop).  During nap time, I've been crafting some fun gifts for friends & family. If you're interested in something you see on Etsy, Pinterest, or in the store and don't want to pay the price OR if you have a really great idea you would to see come to life, let me know and we can make it together. I have really enjoying working with friends to make completely custom designs. I'm happy to send items if you're far away. Contact me if you're interested (
Shirts, tea towels, bags, sports shirts, holiday clothes & accessories, shoe monograms, toilet training decals, Bible covers, timeout mats, stockings, lunch box affirmations, cake toppers, tumblers, and much more! DSC_0104DSC_0115DSC_0151DSC_0449DSC_0450DSC_0454DSC_0456DSC_0108DSC_0459DSC_0462DSC_0469DSC_0472DSC_0474DSC_0476DSC_0477DSC_0587DSC_0635DSC_0641DSC_0738Pittsburgh Penguins HockeyDSC_0588DSC_0744DSC_0745DSC_0096DSC_0098DSC_0739DSC_0729DSC_0583DSC_0636DSC_0585DSC_0465DSC_0591DSC_0597DSC_0604DSC_0736DSC_0740DSC_0742DSC_0750 (2)DSC_0752DSC_0111DSC_0093DSC_0747DSC_0758

xoxo Darby

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