Monday, October 19, 2015

October in Houston

A couple weeks ago Houston had……how do I put it? …..Uh….I guess I would call it a cold front?  But let me clarify that there was nothing cold about this weekend.  Instead it was more like a retreat from the nightmare heat we’ve been having for months.  So we did what every other Houstonian did, and went outside.  We try to go to a park or nature trail together every weekend, but we usually get up early to try and beat the heat.  On this particular weekend though, the humidity forgot to show up so we spent the entire weekend outside. 

We went to three different parks in a single day, rolled down a big hill (yes, even me with a giant belly), flew a kite, fed the ducks, raked leaves just to jump in them, visited an urban garden, and even ate outside on our pack porch (which I honestly can’t remember when the last time that that happened).  It was heavenly I tell ya! 

So you know I did what every mother does: put on yoga pants, threw in a headband, and followed my boys around all weekend taking their pictures.  Here is our unscripted, unedited, natural Hawley weekend for you in photographs.DSC_0041DSC_0045DSC_0048DSC_0050DSC_0053DSC_0062DSC_0061DSC_0066DSC_0073DSC_0099DSC_0101DSC_0023DSC_0107

And just for proof that I was actually here for this particular weekend lolDSC_0076
xoxo Darby


Neely said...

I full on refuse to go to Houston May-September. The rest of the year I am like "YES HOUSTON GIVE ME ALL THE NICE WEATHER!"

Mrs. Pancakes said...

How beautiful are these scenes! love the one of Dutch and his dad...precious!

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