Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Wrapping

This time of year, wrapping is in full swing. Some people dread it, and others love it. My sister is a fabulous wrapper. She always has the perfect paper with the most beautiful bow and coordinated ribbon. I love the way she wraps her packages; it’s often really hard to tear into them just because they’re so pretty. Me? I feel like I’m doing a good job if I don’t lock it down like Fort Knox with the Scotch tape. Typically my gear for Christmas gifts involves these essentials:
Christmas Wrap Collage 1
This year is waaaaaayyy different (see here). I sent my 5 packages I had to buy this year last week….and they look like a scotch tape factory exploded. Now I have moved on to my major wrapping project: Packing up our house in 3 days for the big move. This year my wrapping essentials include:
Christmas Wrap Collage 2
Not too much different, right? I still have tape, scissors and labels…..only slightly less fun and definitely not as colorful or pretty lol
I’ve got my eyes on the prize: Christmas in the new house.
I can do this!!!!
Any moving tips/advice for me?
xoxo Darby


Meg O. said...

How did I miss you were moving?! I'm a dummy.

Unknown said...

I used those cheep foam "paper" plates inbetween my dishes and they worked BEAUTIFULLY.

This tip is from my mom, well she told me it at least, credit where credit is due.
Any way she told me to keep a basket of car keys, house keys, cell phones, wallets, etc. away from all the packing stuff so things dont get tousled around, and it should be the last thing in the car and the first one out!

oh and pack the vacuum last!

13 moves and thats all I got... haha

Jessica said...

pack a few books in each box rather than a few insanely heavy book boxes. it's easier to carry and nobody gets hurt lifting mega boxes! : )

Joy said...

The Sowell's are totally the wrap, stick a label on it and put a premade on the present. I said I was going to be creative this year. Well guess what, we did it the way we have for years. Oh well, maybe one day, right?!

Keep up the good work! The packing is coming right along, and Christmas is less than a week. You CAN do this! ;)

Kellyn Fleming said...

Aww, thanks for the lovely shout out sista! I do really enjoy wrapping! This year the bows might be a little smashed by the mail but you will get the idea! haha Love you guys and miss you! Merry Christmas Eve!

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