Thursday, January 7, 2010


My exploratory cooking hiatus is over. I’m back from the traditional recipes of the season and I’m looking forward to trying some new recipes. In light of new years, we’re back on a super healthy kick (hopefully this will last longer than it did last year hehe). I was given a lot of new cookbooks for Christmas (people seem to know me pretty well) and I have been anxious to dive into those recipes and make them my own. In addition, the cookbook club I am in is about to venture to a new book and potentially a new chef to follow, so I’m at the perfect place to start sample from other books. However, since I have become very fond of Mrs Garten these new recipes are also by Ina but from her Back to Basics cookbook. I made the Coq au vin (a French chicken stew) and the garlic ciabatta bread. Since we are expecting an arctic blast in the next few days I figured what better way to snuggle up with my hubby than with a warm bowl of stew?
Coq au vin and garlic ciabatta bread with a baked potatoAdmittedly, yes I do still have all my Christmas stuff out; I just hate to take it down! But so that I don’t burn the place down I assure you that it’s all coming down this weekend and my January décor that I was working on before Christmas will go up. I promise!
xoxo Darby


Morgan said...

I got this cookbook, too! (in addition to the Pioneer Woman cookbook). Rhett and I are trying a new recipe every night this month! We have already made the herb marinated loin of pork and confetti corn from Ina's book...loved both of them.

Darby Hawley said...

Every night! You're a busy chef this month! This was my first one from the book and I liked it. Since you're probably going to be going through it faster than me you'll have to point me towards the better dishes. Everyone keeps mentioning the Pioneer Woman. I think I better break down and order it!

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