Friday, March 21, 2014

Little Peep Bumpdate {29 weeks}

29 week collageDate: 3/12/14
How far along: 29 weeks
Fruit-size comparison: Acorn squash
Developmental milestones: Little Peep is getting more and more energy as he grows in size.  His weight will triple between now and birth, and right now he is about 2.5 lbs. He is starting to run out of room (which you could probably tell from the picture above anyway) so you can see many of his movements on the outside of my stomach.  His skeleton is starting to get harder (which might explain why I’ve been craving so much calcium lately).
Maternity clothes: Ready for a laugh y’all?  I decided that I needed some new undies that actually fit but I refused to purchase maternity undies (because I’m Irish and stubborn, don’t hate).  Instead, I purchased briefs, but since I haven't purchased these since probably middle school I had no idea how the sizes even worked.  Well, I purchased some and let me tell you I purchased the WRONG kind.  I felt like I was wearing the Texas state flag from a car sales lot under my pants.  They were HUGE!  I told my mother about this and a few days later some new maternity undies arrived in the mail.  Thanks mom!
Weight gain:  I thought I was going to get a lecture from my doc this week, but I have only gained 18 lbs so far and he was very happy with me.  I was shocked that it was only 18, but I will take it lol
Stretch Marks: I feel like God has gifted me with a pink cheetah print tattoo right around my belly button; this is way better than any tattoo I could have ever paid for.
Sleep: With the exception of one night this week because of allergies, I have been sleeping great.
Best moment of the week: This week was spring break and I got SO much accomplished.  I went into the week with an overly ambitious to do list but I knew it all needed to be done to prep for work and Little Peep (and to reduce my potential anxiety).  I’m happy to report that I crossed off every single item on that list!  Thank you Lord for the energy and maximizing my efforts and time!  I am completely prepped for the rest of the semester in case Little Peep comes early, I have all of my fall courses completely prepped, we have registered at the hospital, Little Peep’s pediatrician is selected, our birth plan is almost finished, the pups have all of their vaccines and appointments done for the year, and both cars have been checked and oil changed.  I also met with the doctor over the break and received a great report.  Little Peep had a heart rate of 151 and his fundal height (belly measurement) is one week ahead.  Since my blood and Little Peep’s blood are not compatible, I started with my first RH- shots (which I had no idea were in the booty).  I also had my pertussis shot (and after a week my arm is still sore!).  My doctor also had some more blood tests run to evaluate my gall bladder because of the chest pains I have been having.  Everything came back fine and it turns out that Little Peep is just a really great kicker.  Since he is already head-down, he has bruised the cartilage on my ribcage.  That will heal, I get to keep my gall bladder, and my baby boy is getting ready to meet us…all wonderful news in my opinion!
Movement: I know most people don’t say this, but I feel like Little Peep’s movements tickle.  I assume this will change as he loses real estate but for now it tickles, especially when I’m on my side.
Cravings: Yogurt and milk
Gender: A little boy!!!
Belly button in or out: My innie has progressed from it’s “flattie” status, to more of an outtie.  It isn’t completely out, but it is sure on it’s way.  The skin that used to be innie is so soft!
Wedding ring: On and it just got its first “bath” at the jewelers over the weekend.  You know I gotta keep my shinnies shiny! :-)
Anything making you queasy/sick: Nope
What I miss: Nothing!
What I’m looking forward to: Next week we will get another growth scan to see Little Peep and I am definitely looking forward to seeing him again.  Also we will finally hear some results on our placenta issues.  Please keep that in your prayers if you get a chance! 
Labor signs: Nothing yet but I ordered a new birthing ball (I lost my old one in our move last year).   I am doing my exercises to keep my little boy's head down. 
Symptoms: I’m definitely expanding.  I had two women at work say “woah you’re getting big” and “are you going to make it” this week.  I find this really funny because these thoughts have also crossed my mind.  On Tuesday I’m pretty sure I accidentally flashed my who-ha to a girl at CVS when I bent down to pick up a receipt I dropped.  All grace I may have once had is gone and has since been replaced with flashing and grunting.  Dear lady at CVS, I’m sorry I may have traumatized you, but I deeply thank you for not judging me and just walking away!
Nursery: It’s completely done!  I love sitting in my glider and reading to Little Peep.  I peak in this room several times a day to imagine how much different it will be once he arrives and as he grows.  I can’t wait to share the picture with you soon!
Emotions: I will have my first baby shower next week and I cannot even begin to say how blessed I feel to even have the opportunity to have a shower.  This is a moment I thought for the longest time I would never have; I’m truly looking forward to Saturday :-)
xoxo Darby


Jessica K said...

I really love these! You look awesome! Baby Boy is just tall, like his daddy! Haha! So glad everything is going well. Sleep is a must!!

Emily said...

Your bump dates are my favorite to read. :) :) :) Wish I could meet you in person.

Meg O. said...

That's awesome you got so much accomplished! GO YOU! I, on the other hand, pretty much got nothing accomplished during spring break last week. Haha.

Anne said...

I dealt with RH shots too. Though, my doctor was kind and always gave them to me in the arm. :)
Either way, you look amazing Darby.

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