Monday, September 14, 2009

Fall Is On Its Way!

While fall doesn’t technically start until September 22nd, last weekend certainly demonstrated all of the signs that summer is coming to an end and the beautiful season of autumn is about to begin. Now in Texas the signs of the season are not identified by the weather getting cooler or the leaves changing to the beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow. Instead, fall is marked by football, and football is all encompassing sport in this state. Thursday was the first game of the NFL season and boy were we excited about that! The Steelers played the Tennessee Titans in a really close game that went into overtime. We started watching the game out with some friends from church and then watched the second half at home. It was extremely intense to watch, but so very fun!
After the intense game (on top of an exhausting work week) I fell asleep and Phil took this picture of me. I guess I'm even a fan in my sleep!
Friday night my friend Bella (her real name is Kristen Bellamy, but I never call her that) went to see the Phil Griffen Band. Bella went to RMC with Phil and me, and was in my sorority (Delta Zeta). She moved down to Houston about a year ago and we are very active in the alumnae chapter here. The chapter hosts an annual charity event to benefit our philanthropy and this year Bella and I are chairing the event. I say all this because that is why we went to see this band; we have hired them for the event and wanted to see them play. The band was great and I can’t wait until they get to play at our DZ benefit. On Saturday we went to check out the venue that we have booked. The event will be at the Historical Heights Fire Station and it is going to be beautiful! I will write another post on the actual event sometime soon.
The Phil Griffen Band played at Goode Company out on 290.
The band and the two-steppers. I did not two-step because I have yet to master that dance.
Saturday afternoon Phil and I spent a lot of time on homework, but managed to spend some quality time together making "Linner" (lunch and dinner). We had steak (when I say “we” I mean Phil hehe) and jumbo shrimp. Lately Central Market has been having some awesome deals. We got fresh, and natural meat for both of us for the price it would have been for one of us to order dinner out; crazy!
The grilled shrimp in rice pilaf with yellow and red peppers and feta cheese. I didn’t get the camera out fast enough for the steak.
For the entire day on Saturday I was forcing myself to focus on the things I needed to get done because I had so many distractions! The weather was a bit rainy and a few degrees cooler and there was football everywhere! I wanted to snuggle up on the couch with my book and some delicious coffee. I also was struggling to resist making a big pot of chili and pulling out all of my autumn decorations. While I managed to wait on the decorations….the chili could not! So on Sunday after church I made a yummy pot of chili and we watched football….like every single football game that was televised! It was a great weekend and the smells of the season are hear; my favorite time of the year!
Football season is just not complete without a large pot of chili!

The Hawleys wish you a great week!

xoxo Darby

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