Monday, May 5, 2014

Mama’s Emergency Car Kit

Just like you’ve got a first aid kit in your home, it’s probably a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car in case something happens, especially if you’re carting around a little bambino.  Here is a kit that I have put together and just have in the trunk of my car for emergencies.Mamas Emergency Car KitMamas Emergency Car Kit Contents
This first thing you need is a small plastic container, and then it’s time to start filling:
  • A change of clothes for mama, top and bottom, and make sure that the top is nursing-friendly.  This may even come in handy if you’re at work or getting ready to go into church and you realize you’ve got spit-up running down your back.
  • A change of clothes for baby in several sizes too big (get something cheap off of the clearance rack).  Remember the only reason you’re accessing these clothes is because you’re in an emergency situation so if they’re too big it doesn’t matter, and if it has been several months (or years) since you’ve updated the kit (and let’s be honest you’re probably going to forget to update the kit), your kiddo will still have a change of clothes to wear. 
  • Diapers….again a couple sizes bigger.  You will use the diapers eventually. Diaper bags eat diapers like dryers eat socks.
  • An unopened pack of travel-sized wipes.  If they are opened they will dry out and not be any good.
  • Several plastic ziplock bags.  If you need one you probably need a couple.
  • Boogie Wipes, for anything and everything.  These can help clean up faces but are also great for scrapes.  Anti-itch and anti-bacterial sprays don’t keep well in the car so don’t even bother with those.
  • Whatever diaper cream you use.  There are also some good substitutes you can use if you’re in a pinch that are safe to apply and will work temporarily until you get to a new spot: Neosporin, baby or hand lotion, lip balm, massage oil, lanolin, or eczema cream. 
  • A blanket…..this is mostly for mama guilt since we live in Houston and it’s never cold, but shaking babies sure are sad to look at.
  • Money, not a lot but enough to buy a bottle of water or a snack for you and the bambino in case there aren't credit card options.
  • A mini first aid kit for minor cuts
  • Small baggies to dispose of things like dirty diapers
Now you’re “ready” for an emergency…or as ready as you can be for an emergency. 
Experienced mamas: what else should be in this kit?
xoxo Darby


Unknown said...

You are going to be such a great mommy!!! I keep stuff like this is my car too (obviously not the baby related stuff). It always makes me feel better!!

Meg O. said...

Apparently I need to get a clue and prepare a little more since no such kit has ever existed in my car. Haha. Whoops. Maybe I can feel better about myself because I kept most of that in my diaper bag? Now it's just a diaper, wipes, snacks, and sippy cup that I throw in my purse.

Joy said...

We don't have a kit, but her diaper bag is replenished after each outing to make sure we replace anything we used. We've gotten pretty good on taking everything we need with us. And packing for travel... we've almost got this down pat. Zip lock bags with outfits and their accessories (for girls at least) is the best way to pack so you don't forget anything and you have it all organized. Baby shoes, socks, etc get lost in a big ole suitcase!

Taylor Brione said...

I think you need this even if you aren't a mommy (but even more if you are!). Okay you've inspired me to make one of my own!

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