Saturday, September 17, 2011

Virginia Gal

These things come across Facebook every once and a while, and sometimes I just can’t resist myself- or my pride :-)

Tough girls come from Texas. Sweet girls come from Georgia. Prissy girls come from New York and then there's the VIRGINIA girls.  Fire and ice in our blood. We can ride a 4 wheeler, be a princess, throw a left hook, pack heat, bake a cake, fish w/the boys, love with a passion, and if we have an opinion, you bet you're gonna hear it. Virginia Girl
I think that pretty much sums me up :-)
Have a great weekend y’all!
xoxo Darby


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Ooh I wanna be a Virginia Girl! Love it!

Unknown said...

So cute - I think I'm okay with being a mix of GA and Texas (well, it was Louisiana/Texas and GA growing up, but whatever)! : )

-Mel the Crafty Scientist

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