Monday, January 10, 2011

When the cat’s away the mice will play

Phil went camping this past weekend; he left midday on Friday & returned Sunday afternoon. What did I do with ALL my free time?

Friday night I had an unsuccessful shopping excursion for black boots & then came home & curled up on the couch to catch-up on all my DVR’d shows from the week. I was Queen of the remote :-) For dinner (I shocked myself sometimes), I had soup from a CAN! FROM A CAN PEOPLE! I never eat premade foods; however, I ate a deliciously simple meal from a can. I’m not sure if it was really all that “delicious” or that the minimal work required increased the attractiveness. But who cares, right?

Saturday morning I woke up still thinking about 2 pairs of shoes that I saw at DSW the night before. I was supposed to be looking for boots, because I am wearing a hole in the bottom of mine, but since I had 2 gift certificates & I was still thinking about those gorgeous shoes, I went back to DSW for them.
In the afternoon I tried my hand at antiquing. I had a list of a few things I was keeping my eyes opened for but didn’t find anything I really loved. If you go antiquing in Houston, where do you go? I was just on Westheimer, but are there other places that are better?
I also ventured to the wonderful world of Sur la Table (thanks Kel for the recommendation). Here are some treats I got there:
A new colander
EVOO cruet
A cake server
Cookie cutters: a bee hive, a bee, and a football <--all my favorite things :-)
I think I'm officially ready for the play-offs now
I did get some productive things done this weekend. For example, I took down all of the Christmas decorations. This is the part I dread most about Christmas time. I simply hate to see the season go. If it were up to me, we would have Christmas year-round. However, since Phil is highly allergic to pine trees (and has been coughing up his lungs since we returned from vacation), I figured I better suck-it-up & take the tree down. To distract myself, I watched A LOT of football as I took the decorations down. I love the play-offs so I was easily distracted, but I will admit, my house does look a little naked now.
Sometimes I have to "mess-up to clean-up" This is what the living room looked like as I was packing away all of the Christmas decorations.
I signed up to bring snack to Sunday school this past weekend so I made 4 dozen Not-So-Ordinary Ham Biscuits. These ham biscuits are topped with a poppy seed glaze that is so savory. I really liked these (I hope everyone else did too).
All in all, it was a good weekend, but I was delighted to have Phil back home. Have a great week Hawley blog readers!
xoxo Darby


Lindsey said...

Fun fun... I will have to take a look at Sur la Table. :)

Morgan said...

was there supposed to be a link for the ham biscuit recipe? they were soooo good!

Darby Hawley said...

Thanks Morgan! No there wasn't a link, it was just underlined. I can write the recipe down for you though.

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